Quenching Fluids

The process of quenching involves heating a metal to an elevated temperature followed by submersion in a fluid which allows for a controlled cooling rate to effect desired metallurgical changes in the metal. The selection of a quenching fluid for a particular process should consider the quenching speed, operating temperatures, and application. Quenching speed influences the hardness and the depth of hardness obtained. Quenching oils can be divided into normal and high speed oils. Operating temperature is an especially important consideration as it affects oil life, quenching speed, viscosity and drag-out, and component distortion. Cold quenching oils, designed for general use at temperatures of up to 200°F, are used when part distortion is not a problem. Hot quenching (or "martempering") oils, designed for use at higher temperatures of up to 400°F, are used for larger parts, when fast surface cooling could lead to distortion and cracking of the parts. Maintaining the surface at a higher temperature allows the entire part to cool to the Martensite start, and final slow cooling — after removal from the oil — minimizes stress and distortion.

Process Fluid's quench products are designed to remove heat from metals at a controlled rate for precision results. High quality refined base stocks, selected accelerators, and effective anti-oxidant packages are blended to maintain the oil's performance for long periods of continued use, particularly at elevated temperatures.

A relatively new development in the field of quenching is Process Fluid's X-Quench line of water-based organic polymer quenchants. These products include organic polymers, corrosion inhibitors, and other additives to produce concentrates which can be extended with water for ready-to-use quenching solutions. They function by depositing a thin film of the polymer onto the hot metal surface. X-Quench products can be used for hardening processes, forgings, and castings. Where there is the risk of fire, or if smoke is a problem, X-Quench products can eliminate the hazard and help improve process performance.

X-QUENCH-A Inverse soluble polymer, induction hardening ferrous, quenching aluminum castings
X-QUENCH-3Q Inverse soluble polymer, induction hardening ferrous, quenching aluminum castings

Process Fluids also offers an extensive range of cleaners, corrosion preventives, metalforming lubricants, and machining & grinding fluids. Please consult your local representative for additional information.